Science Based Systems

Our products are divided into clinically-proven Flare & Repair Treatments and Gentle Cleansers. They are designed to work together and be used as your daily partner for long-term management of mild-to-moderate eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin.

Isolate your condition
Bodewell Systems are designed to relieve diagnosed mild-to-moderate eczema and psoriasis, and reduce sensitive skin symptoms of redness, itch, dryness, swelling and flaking.
Wash with gentle cleansers
Managing eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin means using effective cleansers that do not compromise skin barrier integrity and that can alleviate skin irritation. Studies have shown clinical improvement with the use of soap-free cleansers in combination with topical treatments.
Treat your affected areas
OTC treatments can be important adjuncts to Rx therapies, or they can be effective treatments on their own. Bodewell treatments feature our patented plant technology, Bw24, which has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the symptoms of skin inflammation in 4-weeks, with continuing improvement over time. We have treatments designed for different body areas depending on your needs.

Build Your Own

Personalize systems for your condition & affected areas

See your recommended system and customize the contents to make it the perfect fit.


Our patented technology

Our patented technology

Our patented plant-based technology (Bw24) is a curated blend of 24 botanical extracts, with origins in both Western and Eastern medicine.
Multiple Clinical Studies
We took a rigorous approach to testing the safety and efficacy of Bw24. We conducted double-blind and placebo-controlled patient studies for both eczema and psoriasis with over 200 combined patients.
Rx Results Without an Rx
In our double-blind and placebo-controlled patient studies, both mild-to-moderate eczema and psoriasis sufferers saw a larger reduction in symptoms from Bw24 than from the comparator Rx treatment in as little as four weeks.